Monday, March 30, 2015

Hosea 1-2

(March 22, 2015)
                Once again idolatry is presented as a great stumbling block to the people of the Lord.  This is something that we cannot dismiss in our day – the instinct for idolatry (and Satan’s use of the technique) is not something that disappeared at some point in our past history.  We still have the pull of idolatry in our lives today, but now we call it sports, or video games, or youth, or beauty, or any number of other things.

                Essentially anything that we put before the Lord (even good things, such as family or the Church) becomes an idol that we worship instead of the living God.  Other things in life are given to us, to help us or for our enjoyment, but we cannot ever allow any of them to supersede our determination to follow the Lord.

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