Monday, March 30, 2015

Hosea 7

(March 24, 2015)
                It is tempting to condemn Israel for forgetting the Lord despite His wonderful blessings for them.  After all, He led them out of Egypt, He protected them during the days of David, and He sent Elijah and other prophets among them to work many miracles.

                But before we condemn them, we ought to spend some time looking at ourselves.  After all, haven’t we been blessed by the Lord?  Haven’t we seen His miraculous power in our lives?  Unlike the Israelites, who were looking backwards into the lives of their distant ancestors, we have miracles often in our own lives (or, at worst, a few generations in the past).

                It is a discouraging truth for me that so often I find that the examples of the wicked in the scriptures apply to me far more often than the examples of the righteous, but it is my hope that by keeping those examples before my face on a regular basis I will be able to avoid their fate.

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