Monday, March 30, 2015

Daniel 9-10

(March 20, 2015)
                Reading about the reaction of Daniel to being blessed to be in the presence of the Lord, even after all that had happened to him in his life, is illuminating.  Daniel, despite being a chief leader in the Babylonian empire and having interpreted dreams and writings and even survived the lion’s den, still recognized his weakness and unworthiness in the presence of the Lord.

                When I reflect on this, I begin to realize just how arrogant our society (and me, in particular) can be.  I think of the good things that I accomplish, and I like to try to convince myself that this somehow would make me worthy to be in the presence of the Lord.  I would not see Him, though, because I would not be sufficiently humble.  After all He has given to me and the many ways that He has protected and cared for me, I still have far too much pride in my life.  My reaction to being in His presence would be much different than Daniel’s – and that is a problem with me and not Daniel.

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