Monday, March 30, 2015

Hosea 3-6

(March 23, 2015)
                It is easy to convince ourselves that the payment for our sins will never come do.  I could walk out of my office this morning and commit any number of serious sins that no one would know about, and for which there would not be any visible consequences.  This trait about sinful behavior leads many to think that they can get away with sinning – after all, they got away with it once (or twice or hundreds of times).

                But ultimately, as for Judah and Israel, the bill becomes due.  The payment must be made, and though Christ has paid the spiritual cost there will be a cost imposed upon each of us, and that cost will be everything that we are capable of paying.  I didn’t realize this, of course, until the day when my bill became due but having learned it, it has become a lesson I am striving hard to never forget again.

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