Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2 Chronicles 31-32

(September 17, 2014)
                The mocking of the Sennacherib towards the people of Judah was not new in his day, and it has not ended in ours.  Many people who have abandoned God use Sennacherib’s reasoning as their rationale.  They claim that others pray and receive no help, so why pray.  They claim that a Muslim believes he has received confirmation from God that Islam is the true faith, so we can we believe the confirmation that we have received.  They claim double-blind studies have shown marginal or no measurable improvement in patients when prayers are offered on their behalf, so God is not listening or powerless to help.

                In their pride, they miss the point.  I have often said the line that I want on my tombstone is “A man with experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument.”  There are those who have undoubtedly been worshiping the works of men’s hands, and thus their forms of religion lack the power that is available.  There are others, such as the honest believers of other faiths, who are able to find the truths therein and through them access the power of the Divine (albeit in a limited fashion).  All of these things can be explained.

                However, my life is one great example of the power of God.  I cannot imagine how someone could look at the totality of my life and determine that God does not exist.  He has been there for me in too many ways (great and small) for that to be possible.  Too many coincidences to be explained even by the laws of large numbers.  Too many prayers answered almost immediately after being prayed (especially in this last year).  Too many things known that could not be known.  And, a few precious times, experiences that simply cannot be explained by mortal means.  I have experienced these, as the people of Judah experienced the Lord.  Thus there is no argument that can be contrived to draw me away from Him – no matter how clever the agents of Sennacherib may be as they call down at me from the walls.

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