Monday, September 29, 2014

Alma 18

(September 28, 2014)
                As we go through different stages in life, we find ourselves working on different things.  Right now in my life, I am focused on respecting the agency of others and allowing the Lord to do His own work (whatever that ends up being).  I am being careful in my conversations to avoid anything that even hints at manipulation, coercion, or pressure.

                But in this chapter, we see Ammon working by guile with King Lamoni.  It would seem that this is something that could be seen as appropriate at certain times.  But I don’t think it is appropriate for me.  Just as with the Anti-Nephi-Lehis, would buried their weapons of war, I think it is appropriate for me to bury my weapons of persuasion.  I believe I can still be useful to the Lord, but because of mistakes that I made in the past (well-intentioned mistakes, but mistakes nonetheless) I think that burying my weapons of guile never to take them up again is a necessary action for me.  I can bear testimony and speak the truth about doctrine, but persuasion and guile I will need to leave up to the Lord to do His own work after the mess of things that I have made trying to do it myself.

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