Saturday, September 27, 2014

Alma 17

(September 27, 2014)
                One word, used a couple of times in this chapter, really struck me.  The sons of Mosiah were blessed, not because they turned to prayer and fasting but because they turned to much prayer and much fasting.  In my life, I think myself doing well to pray in the morning and pray in the evening and a couple of times a day (although lately that has been increased dramatically – I would love to say out of personal righteousness, but it reality it has been done out of need).  I am also fasting more than at any other point in my life, but out of need rather than out of a desire or a conversion to the principle of fasting.

                I really should be converted to the principle not only of fasting and prayer but of much fasting and prayer.  I have felt the power that can come from turning to the Lord more regularly and with more urgency.  I have received immediate answers to my prayers in a way I couldn’t have imagined before, and even those prayers that aren’t answered the way I pray them (such as last night) are answered in a different and better way from the Lord (1 Nephi 7:18).

                Prayer is such a comfort and such a power, and I hope that through my experiences of the last several months I am becoming converted to both prayer and fasting.  I truly believe that I am.

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