Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ezra 7-8

(September 24, 2014)
                The actions of Ezra in this chapter in not asking for help from the king during their travel is instructive.  Ezra understood how important that it was to communicate their faith and trust in the Lord to one who was only beginning to understand their religion.  He understood that the reputation of the Lord mattered, because it affected whether or not others would be more or less likely to accept the faith.

                We have countless ways we are called upon to defend the reputation of the Lord.  From what we post online to how we interact with our neighbors or our families, our decisions and our actions are constantly praising the Lord or putting His name to shame.  We have been given a precious gift when we were granted the opportunity to take His name upon us, and we must act to protect that name at all costs.

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