Monday, September 22, 2014

Ezra 3

(September 22, 2014)
                Nostalgia is a powerful thing, but it is ultimately pointless.  The people wailing over the creation of the temple in Israel were not, I argue, doing so with any sort of understanding of the importance of the very temple they lamented losing.  Likewise, we have nostalgia for the trappings of our time, but fail to recognize the limitations or progress that the new challenges we face provide us.

                I may long for a time when the Prophet made a comment and the people accepted that comment, as opposed to now when a dozen blogs have twisted or corrupted what the Prophet said before he even sits down.  But that same technology that facilitates their attacks on the Church have also facilitated my testifying to countless people of the magnificence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as I have gone through the process of repentance and given my will over to the Lord.  And the latter seems to outweigh the former as far as what really matters in the end.

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