Friday, November 28, 2014

3 Nephi 12

(November 27, 2014)
                For some reason, we in the Church tend to downplay certain things that are held in very high esteem by the rest of Christianity.  I assume that is either because we look at the continuing revelation we have been blessed with as making reliance on past doctrines less of a necessity, or perhaps because the ‘favorite’ sermons of Christendom have been displaced by other sermons that we hold dear to us now.

                But I don’t think we are necessarily justified in that.  Look at what happens in this chapter.  Christ, the Risen Lord, comes to visit the Nephites and what is one of the first things He teaches?  He gives the Sermon on the Mount.  Out of the Church, I think, this sermon is viewed as far more important than we consider it inside the Church.  Yes, we have the understanding of the Plan of Salvation, but we should have a certain holy envy for those who regard the Sermon on the Mount with its proper respect.  For myself, this is something that I intend to correct in my own approach.

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