Monday, November 3, 2014

Psalms 55-56

(November 3, 2014)
                I can understand so much more of the Psalms than I could the last time that I read through them.  For example, my heart wasn’t ready to understand the difficulties of dealing with friends, family, and acquaintances acting as our enemies the last time I read through this – I had never experienced any sort of betrayal that would compare.  Now, having had people I felt I should trust turn against me for reasons good and bad, I can better understand what David is saying about accepting things from our enemies but having more trouble accepting the same things from our friends.

                David experienced a great deal in his life, from righteousness to sin and from loyalty to betrayal.  He lost a son to rebellion.  His father-figure turned against him.  He had a wife who mocked him.  He was a leader of men who were outcasts and a leader of men who were civilized.  The Lord taught him a great deal through all of this, and it makes what he has to share with us worth reading.

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