Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Psalms 90-94

(November 12, 2014)
                Of each of these, the psalm listed as from Moses was by far the most interesting to me.  Whether it was truly written by Moses, of course, I cannot say but I can certainly believe it possible.  The doctrine that it contains – the understanding of man and his relationship to Deity – has depth to it that exceeds some of the psalms surrounding it.

                What I noticed most as I read it, however, was the undercurrent of fear that Moses had for the Lord.  He clearly loved God, and recognized that God loved him, but that love did not displace the fear of God that Moses carried.  It, of course, makes sense that Moses would understand that – after all, he had seen God’s power manifest and seen God execute His judgments against a number of the children of Israel that he knew God loved.  I think that is a trait that draws us closer to God – an appropriate fear of Him.  In my own life, when I am striving towards God I feel His love for me, but I also think I lose some of that fear – in a way that is no conducive to me developing a better relationship with Him.  Yes, God is love but He is also justice and power.  If I focus solely on the love and the mercy and lose sight of the other, I am drawing closer only to a caricature of Deity, rather than God Himself.

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