Thursday, November 20, 2014

Psalms 119

(November 20, 2014)
                I absolutely loved Teth in this chapter – is there a better sermon on adversity than the one contained in the few verses of this section?  It was clear that his afflictions were unearned (after all, if it was fair it wouldn’t be a trial – to paraphrase Elder Maxwell), and they were even the result of lies spread about him by his enemies.  And yet, despite the evil source of his suffering, he was able to put it into proper perspective and to recognize that because of his suffering, he was able to come to better know and understand God – and that is worth any price in suffering.

                It is no surprise that I identify with this scripture in my life right now.  I am where I am in large part because of dishonest accusations made against me.  And yet, I am where I am solely because that is where the Lord needed me to be.  The lessons that I have learned through this process were lessons I cannot imagine having learned in any other way.  I have been blessed by the painful circumstances I have found myself in, and I am quickly arriving at the point where I no longer seek relief from my pain but rather express gratitude to the Lord for my pain – especially what that pain is teaching me about Him.

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