Sunday, November 2, 2014

Alma 59-60

(November 2, 2014)
                We often read Moroni’s letter in a couple ways – a political treatise or to learn what we should about him being wrong and still being righteous.  But today I read Moroni’s letter not as a political treatise but as a stewardship treatise.  We are each combatants in the War in Heaven.  There are times when we are placed upon thrones (Quorum Presidency, Young Men’s Presidency, Home Teacher, and the list goes on – pretty much any calling).  When we are on those thrones, do we sit in idle stupor while our brothers and sisters around us are falling and being destroyed.

                I am sad to say that for much of my life, thoughtless stupor would have to be the best description of how I was living my life and fulfilling my stewardships and callings.  It wasn’t until I entered the fray and discovered how painful and deadly the front lines can be that I learned how important it was for us to be diligent in our callings to support those around us.  If we sit on our thrones (callings) in thoughtless stupors – as I did for so long – it will work to our destruction.  It is a high charge to do anything in the Lord’s place – even something small, like Home Teaching.  How we do it will bless or curse the lives of those we serve, and bless or curse our own lives as well.

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