Monday, November 24, 2014

Psalms 141-146

(November 24, 2014)
                My mind struck on David’s words that he would sing a new song to the Lord.  Now that may well be a symbolic thing, but in my thoughts I wondered what it would mean if it were literally true.  Existence has been going on forever, and will be going on forever.  Is it even possible for us to sing a new song, or have all songs been sung?

                I think the creative impulse is such that there are still new songs to sing (and hear) and will be for all eternity.  I think that is one of the joys of Exaltation – to participate in the creation of something that never before has been, even in the infinite reaches of the past.  I have felt that feeling before in the oddest places, the feeling that what I was experiencing was something slightly different than what anyone save Christ has ever experienced (and Christ experiences it with and through us).

                I have heard those who think that an eternal existence would be worse than a mortal existence followed by annihilation, and I never understood that thinking.  I suppose it comes down to this idea of a perpetual ennui that would consume the soul.  But between service and blessing the lives of those around us, the interaction with creatures of free will, and each and every moment being in some way new and different than all existence before that point, I do not see ennui but an awesome potential for joy.

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