Sunday, November 16, 2014

Psalms 97-103

(November 14, 2014)
                These chapters were just what I needed today, as I dealt with the troubles and sorrows in my heart (as I finally, ultimately recognized where things were going in my life).  I could understand the psalmist, in his adversity, calling out to the Lord to defend him and be swift to answer his prayers.  But the psalms of gratitude and thanksgiving were more important still – though I desperately want and need the Lord’s strength and support in my life right now, even more still I need to recognize with gratitude the way that the Lord has taken care of me and will continue to take care of me.  I have seen others facing challenges of life becoming hateful and bitter (and I see it around me even now).  But, for my part, I choose to not live my life in that way.

                The only way I can overcome bitterness, when facing challenges of the sort that I am facing right now, is to open my heart up to the glory of God and try to fully recognize Him for the things that He has done for me.  From there I must learn to be thankful for those who have and are hurting me – if the Lord has a perfect plan for me happiness, then their actions must be for my benefit (regardless of how they appear).  Then I need to let go of my mortal concerns and focus on the one constant in my life – the Lord.

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