Saturday, November 8, 2014

Psalms 74-77

(November 8, 2014)
                I loved the language of this chapter about God pleading His own cause.  The reality is that God can accomplish His own work – He doesn’t need our help.  Sometimes, He will give us some aspect of stewardship so that we are permitted to co-serve our brothers and sisters with Him.  But far too often, I believe, we pride ourselves in pushing forward the Lord’s work – pleading His cause for Him, so to speak – when the reality is that we are doing nothing more than pushing forward our own work under His banner.

                If we accept the fact that the Lord is capable of doing whatever He want to accomplish without us, it becomes far easier to rely on Him and accept that if we don’t have stewardship, we don’t need to interfere.  This protects us from the threat of unrighteous dominion, and protects others from being hurt from our mistakes.

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