Monday, November 10, 2014

Helaman 7

(November 10, 2014)
                I think it is a typical human response to look at certain times in the past and think ‘if only I lived then – things would be easy.’  We see that even with a prophet of God – we know from the Book of Mormon that Lehi certainly didn’t have an easy life.  His children were anything but easily entreated and quick to follow the commandments of the Lord.  If nothing else, Laman and Lemuel’s murmuring is an astounding evidence that contradicts that.  And yet, Nephi in this chapter looks back fondly (if not accurately) at that time.

                The lesson I take from that is that my life would not have been better at some unspecified time in the past, nor would it be better at some unspecified time in the future.  It may feel like it, but the Lord has placed me here and now for a reason – and the Lord does all things for the blessing of His children (of which I am one).  The time and place that offers me the best opportunity to achieve happiness and receive my eternal destiny is here and now.

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