Monday, November 17, 2014

Psalms 106

(November 16, 2014)
                The language of the psalmist regarding the people of Israel envying Moses and Aaron is interesting to me.  I cannot imagine why anyone would envy the power and influence that a Priesthood leader holds.  I see my poor Bishop, struggling mightily to assist me and my wife through this difficult time, and I know the weight of the world is on his shoulders as he attempts to discern what the Lord would have him do.  And I know that he might as well multiply that by 20, because I doubt that we are his only focus right now.  Why in the world would someone envy him his job?

                The only person who envies a Priesthood leader is someone who wants to lead for the wrong reasons.  Paul may say that he who covets after the office of a Bishop covets after a worthy thing indeed, but I think my father was more correct – he who covets after the office of a Bishop is too dumb to have the job.  I would love to be able to dedicate myself to the Lord’s service full time, but the pressure involved in participating with the Lord hand-in-hand in such a momentous way is frankly terrifying.  Perhaps it will not always be so with me – perhaps that is just a sign I am not ready.  But I still cannot see envying a prophet or other Priesthood leader as a result.

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