Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Psalms 84-89

(November 11, 2014)
                Sometimes the scriptures are wonderful because they speak peace to your soul and sometimes they are wonderful because they pointedly (even painfully) demonstrate exactly how you are failing at a given time.  As I read through these chapters, I was given a very clear understanding of the way that I was failing to walk the path of discipleship that I have chosen.

                First, I was pointedly reminded that even though I had been given a great blessing in being forgiven of significant sins in my immediate past, for some reason I had never gone to the Lord in humble gratitude for that forgiveness.  If anything, I had almost a sense of pride that I had escaped the sin rather than a proper understanding that the Lord had saved me from both the sin and the consequences of the sin.  I immediately repented of this ingratitude and apologized to the Lord.

                The second thought was on the psalmists declaration that a day with God was better than a thousand and being a doorkeeper in Heaven better than dwelling in the tents of wickedness.  I understood some of this – I cried recently as I cleaned the Chapel at the thought that I was able to clean the house of the Lord – but while I understood the first part I didn’t properly understand the second.  I still feel as though I am missing certain parts of mortality and that those opportunities will be gone never to be recovered.  This is true, of course, but while these missed opportunities won’t be recovered they will be replaced – replaced with opportunities far greater than the ones that I am missing.  By keeping this in mind at all times, my capacity to have patience in difficult situations will increase because I will understand that however mortality ultimately goes the life I live on the other side of the Veil is far more important and capable of more than adequately dealing with any setback in mortality.

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