Monday, November 10, 2014

Helaman 6

(November 9, 2014)
                There is a tendency in my own thinking, from time to time, to see certain people as beyond the reach of the word of God.  I know, doctrinally, better than to think this way but I still believe it – I think that certain people need events or circumstances or something to open them up to the word of God before they can be converted.  Sure, I think, the word of God can reach those who are generally living right but those most afield from righteousness are unlikely to accept the word when preached to them.

                Contrast that poor way of thinking to what the Lamanites did.  Not only did they gather and root out the Gadianton Robbers, but they put together the more wicked part of them and caused that the word of God should be preached to them.  These were people who had left the faith and entered into covenants to murder and rob and plunder.  The Lamanites understood that not only was the word able to reach them, but also that only the word could reach them.

                I should remember this – when I see someone who I think is living too far afield to appreciate the Gospel I need to recognize that when someone has lost their way that much it is only the Gospel that can restore them.

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