Sunday, November 16, 2014

Psalms 104-105

(November 15, 2014)
                You know, we see the children of Israel forgetting the stories from the Bible and we think to ourselves how silly that is – after all, we don’t forget the stories from the Bible.  But at the time, they weren’t stories from the Bible, they were merely family and national history.

                A better comparison would be to criticize me for not adequately knowing the history of how my grandparents gained their testimony (which is true – though I know they had a testimony I don’t know how they acquired it).  When I think of how my family must have been blessed over generations, it breaks my heart to think of the stories that I will never know, that the participants have passed on, and that I will not be able to pass on to my children.

                We each have a heritage within the Gospel.  It is our duty to seek out that heritage from those who have gone before and to do all we can to pass on that heritage to those who come after.

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