Tuesday, November 25, 2014

3 Nephi 9-10

(November 25, 2014)
                I am struck by the response of the survivors after the calamities came to an end.  The Voice of God reached down to them and spoke to them, and both before and after they wept for their dead loved ones and the misery and changes that they would encounter.  And then, when the mists of darkness passed, they changed to rejoicing in the salvation that they had received.

                I think there are parallels that we can take from this.  Each of us will go through trials in the course of our lives (as President Eyring has said, the path of discipleship is uphill).  We are likely to see others fall along the way – to weep for them and the decisions that they are making.  We are also likely to weep for ourselves – the things we lose and the pain and anguish as we slough off those parts of our souls unfit for Heaven.

                And yet, no matter the pain and no matter the calamity, if in the end we are brought through to the other side of the trial we will find our hearts again filled with joy and rejoicing.  No misery is permanent, unless we choose to make it so.  Pain will last until the Lord grants us relief, but if we remain dedicated to Him then He will apply the balm of Gilead in His own due time.

                Sometimes in the depths of our trials, we may believe that our sorrow is forever.  But the day of rejoicing inevitably comes.

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