Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Psalms 110-115

(November 18, 2014)
                I loved the language of the psalmist that, to paraphrase, we will not tremble at bad news because we trust in the Lord.  There is a sermon in this single verse.  First, even those who love the Lord and serve Him to the best of their ability will receive bad news.  Sometimes we feel like, as God’s chosen people, our lives should be easy and comfortable.  In reality, of course, we should expect escalating challenges throughout our life if we hope to be refined into Celestial beings.  For some of us, these challenges are personal and for some of us, they involve those we love (the harder challenges, I expect).  In any event, however, there is no express-lane to salvation.

                But the second part is just as important – if we trust the Lord, this bad news will not cause us to tremble.  Though I am experiencing such an upheaval in my life that I would expect to be falling apart at the seams, I have found that (to the extent I place my faith and trust in God) I am actually growing both stronger and more resilient at the same time.  I am better able to carry the load that is being placed on my shoulders – a load of bad news, responsibilities, and other things.  The load is always substantially more than I can bear, but that in itself is a blessing because of the capacity of this load to turn me to the Lord for strength or fall beneath it.

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