Sunday, November 2, 2014

Psalms 52-54

(November 2, 2014)
                One of the joys of reading scriptures is when you see something that you know isn’t there.  Sometimes we go amiss when we read something that isn’t in the scriptures and we believe that it is – this is a way for our minds (or weaknesses in our minds) to play tricks on us.  But there are also times when we see things that aren’t there, and we know that they aren’t there (the Lord doesn’t work through deception), and yet we see in clear as day and know that it is right.  When this happens, it indicates to me that the Lord is teaching me through revelation rather than through the words on the page.

                This happened today as I read Psalms 54:4.  I know what the verse was about, but I also felt very strongly the truth of a broad message for that verse.  When we are working to uphold the soul of another, the Lord is with us.  When someone is working to uphold our soul, the Lord is with them.  We can expect miracles for others when we are trying to uphold their souls.  We can expect miracles for us when others are trying to uphold our soul.  The best way to have the Lord with us is to work to uphold the soul of another.

                I know, grammatically, that what I am seeing isn’t technically in the verse, but having said that it is impressed upon me that it is there.

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