Sunday, November 2, 2014

Psalms 48-51

(November 1, 2014)
                These chapters illustrate why Psalms is such a powerful book, even as one written by David both before and after his fall.  Chapter 49 was a fantastic discourse on the priorities that we should have in our lives – when I struggled with my testimony I thought the way that David described a temporal man thinking.  It doesn’t matter what we have, what cities we have named after us, or how many children we have (or even if we leave behind a ridiculously-detailed journal).  None of this matters, because we are either saved by the Grace of Christ or we reject that gift.

                Being saved is worth any suffering and any price.  Not being saved makes everything else meaningless and absurd.  There really is only one thing that is important in life, surrounded by a huge number of distractions.

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