Sunday, November 16, 2014

Helaman 13

(November 15, 2014)
                Samuel’s language is as plain as it can be – you cannot achieve happiness through wickedness.  I have seen this phrased dozens of different ways and hundreds of different places, but the principle is the same.  Human nature leads to excess, and unless we constrain our natures through obedience to the Gospel we are like children who glut ourselves on candy and become ill – yet continue to eat more and more and never learn.

                We cannot sin enough to be happy.  We cannot hate enough to be happy, we cannot judge enough to be happy, we cannot lust enough to be happy (fulfilled or unfulfilled).  We can love enough to be happy, we can forgive enough to be happy, we can serve enough to be happy.  For while we cannot find happiness in doing iniquity, we cannot help but find happiness in surrendering our will to the Father.

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