Sunday, November 15, 2015

Alma 46

(October 21, 2015)
                When we seek out charismatic leaders, leaders who happen to share our current ambitions, we set ourselves up for failure.  Just as those who sought out the leadership of Amilickiah were destined to be tossed out the moment they no longer served his interest, we run the same risks when we allow ourselves to be used by those seeking temporary power out of a desire to get something out of the arrangement ourselves.

                This could be equated to any number of disputes currently in the political arena, but it seems far better to view it for the current purposes in an eternal perspective.  We may seek out and follow the path of Satan because we believe that he will give us what we want in return.  And, in all honesty, if what we want is selfish oftentimes pursuit of this selfish end is best achieved through servitude to the Devil.

                But, as the scriptures say, the Devil doth not support his children at the last day but instead speedily drags them down to Hell.  And that is the inevitable end of those who seek such an arrangement to satisfy temporal desires.  Better to fail to achieve any worldly aim than to have them all achieved only to experience an eternity of regret.

                Unlike Satan and Amalickiah, Moroni and the Savior have as their aims selfless blessings to those around them.  Moroni fought for freedom for all, for their wives, children, and for the Lord.  The Savior completed the Atonement for all – He alone didn’t need to, and yet He alone completed it.  This understanding of selfishness and selflessness should give us a better capacity to judge the leaders of our day, and to examine our own behavior in our leadership roles (Church, family, etc.) as well.

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