Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 72-73

(October 31, 2015)
                If you have read any of these, you will know that it is clear to me that stewardship is a huge deal.  Both the importance of dealing appropriately with those placed in positions of stewardship over us and in dealing with people and things that we have been placed in stewardship over – in both cases, it is important (essential, really) that we learn and appropriately handle such matters.

                But what struck me in these Sections was the Lord’s discussion of the fact that this isn’t merely a principle of time – it is also a principle of eternity.  I could not help but to wonder about that, and in so doing it became pretty obvious what was being discussed.  Peter, James, and John have their stewardships, and they are called upon to perform certain works.  They then report to the Lord, who then reports to God the Father.  I almost feel silly for having missed that particular piece of wisdom.

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