Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Alma 55

(October 29, 2015)
                It seems like, time and again, I am struck by the difference between the way in which the prophets of old are viewed and the way the Brethren are viewed today.  For example, Mormon is very open about his praise for Captain Moroni, and yet it is clear that Captain Moroni has his weaknesses.  Aside from the criticism of Pahoran (coming shortly), we have Moroni not honoring the agreement he had just struck with Ammoron concerning the exchange of prisoners.

                Captain Moroni made a deal of a Lamanite for a Nephite and his family.  Ammoron was deceitful when he accepted the deal, but he did accept it.  Captain Moroni, though, was so angry he wouldn’t take the deal he had proposed.  This was obvious enough that Mormon clearly tried to disguise this fact through a soliloquy with Captain Moroni explaining his rationale.  And, to be blunt, his explanation doesn’t hold water (unless, of course, there is something that was redacted that we don’t have).

                And yet, it is clear that Captain Moroni is a prophet and a man of God, and miracles happened under his watch.  Mormon appreciated him enough to name his son after him.  Were he a modern prophet, though, the weaknesses on display would be enough for any number of people to metaphorically crucify him for being a fallen prophet.  Can you imagine how many of us would criticize a Prophet with a temper?  A Prophet who didn’t keep his agreements?

                The important thing to realize is that the leaders aren’t necessarily chosen because they are better, and they are certainly not chosen because they are perfect.  They are chosen because they are chosen, and we are to follow them because we choose to.

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