Friday, November 20, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 83

(November 9, 2015)
                The Lord’s program is made pretty clear in this Section.  The obligation for familial care is primarily in the family.  The Church then exists to support and help with that obligation only when necessary.  This is true financially, but I believe from my understanding of the doctrine that it is also true spiritually.

                Unfortunately, however, we have reached a point in our society where there are those seeking to displace parents (particularly fathers) in the lives of wives and children.  The government is taking a stronger role in this, and I have seen those who have turned to the Church to assist them in breaking up families.  I struggle to know what would be appropriate – how many marriages would still be intact if the Church was not willing to support a wife financially who left an otherwise good man?  Of course there are situations where there is abuse that necessitates divorce, but certainly that isn’t true in every case.

                Once again, it leaves me with a profound sense of gratitude that the Lord hasn’t seen fit to put me into a position to make these sorts of decisions.  Frankly, I wouldn’t know what to do (other than completely rely on the Lord).

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