Monday, November 16, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 65-67

(October 27, 2015)
                These three Sections have two examples of ‘proving’ the Restoration.  From the five questions being answered to the challenge of writing a revelation from God, there was ample ‘proof’ of the nature of Joseph Smith’s prophetic calling.

                Of course, McClellin apostatized (as did a number involved in the attempt to write a revelation), so we learn once again that proving the work of the Lord does not accomplish much.  It is ultimately a choice to decide if we will give our will to the Lord (rather than ignorance or knowledge) that will determine our eternal destiny.  If we are willing to trust the Lord and give ourselves to Him (in the gift of a broken heart and a contrite spirit), we will be blessed.  If not, we will fall away.  No amount (or lack) of proof will change that.

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