Friday, November 20, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 78

(November 6, 2015)
                We are a Church that strives to be prepared for catastrophe.  Whether it be the individual members of the Church, or the Church as a whole, we truly try to be independent.  And in this chapter, we have a commandment from the Lord that makes it clear what the ultimate goal of that independence is.  We are to be independent of all creatures beneath the Celestial world.

                This has obvious implications on food storage and the like, but there is an eternal principle here as well.  We can prepare and bottle peaches and grow a garden and so forth.  This may take time and eventually we might become self-sufficient.  But we can be independent of all other creatures beneath the Celestial world today.  All we have to do is determine that we will rely wholly and completely upon the Lord and allow Him to take care of us, and we will have all of our needs met in that way (even if and when He uses mortal agents to meet those needs).

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