Friday, November 20, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 88

(November 14, 2015)
                It is funny how the mind works sometimes.  This Section is probably one of the most doctrinally rich pieces of scripture that exist in the world.  There is so much contained in it that it would take years studying this one Section to tease it all out.  And yet, as I read through this Section, my mind caught on what could at best be considered a triviality.

                In the same verse, we read that Michael will bring an end to time, and then Satan will be bound but loosed again after 1,000 years.  As I read this, I couldn’t figure out how we would know 1,000 years had passed (or how 1,000 years could pass at all) if Michael had brought an end to time.

                This isn’t something that worries me, mind you – if you have read very many of these musings on the scriptures you have likely read some of my thoughts on time and what that might mean in the eternities.  But the direct contrast between the two was striking and I don’t know exactly what conclusion to draw from it – though it is admittedly fun to think about.

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