Friday, November 20, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 84

(November 10, 2015)
                I had two thoughts as I read this Section – one a thought that I have learned through experience (which was reiterated as I read), and one that struck me as direct counsel to me in my current situation.

                For, the principle that I had already learned in the past.  We know that it is through the ordinances of the Priesthood that the power of God is made manifest.  The purpose of the Church, and the reason why it is the one true Church (even while imperfectly run by imperfect people) is because the Church is the organization that houses the Priesthood authority which is empowered to perform the saving ordinances.  That is why we hold to the Church.

                The second thought was stunning to me.  The Lord here said that whosoever came not unto Him was under the bondage of sin.  I can see that in one respect – this hypothetical person, by choosing something other than Christ, have placed themselves in bondage.  But in another respect, that bondage can also be seen as the cause.  Those who are in bondage are the only ones who will not come unto Christ – and, knowing of the joy that is possible with Christ, this makes sense as well.

                This gives me a great deal more charity towards those who hurt me.  If they are hurtful to me (bitter, deceitful, unforgiving, and unrepentant), then they are that was for one reason alone – they are in bondage to sin. And that bondage to sin is a tragedy, and destruction, and frankly terrifying (even to me, even while they hurt me).  Keeping this in the front of my mind will help me to love those who hurt me by remembering just how awful it must be to be precluded from the joy that is available through Christ.

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