Thursday, November 19, 2015

Alma 61-62

(November 3, 2015)
                There is a lot to learn from the way that Pahoran faces the letter from Moroni.  What Moroni said to him was anything but fair.  Pahoran was stretched to his limits, trying to save himself and save the country (and much of what he was doing was for the benefit of Moroni).  And yet here comes Moroni criticizing Pahoran in harsh terms.

                Rather that be offended, which was a justified position, Pahoran looked for the good in Moroni.  I think there is a lot to that (although I admit it would be difficult for me to put into practice).  Most people most of the time take the actions they take out of good motivations.  Perhaps not always the best motivations, but good motivations.  Remaining focused on that could only help as we deal with one another – including, perhaps especially, those who attack us.

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