Friday, November 13, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 52

(October 17, 2015)
                Over and over, time and again, the Lord is very upfront about who His people are.  There is not a checklist, but rather simple things that indicate them.  Do they pray, do they repent, do they keep the ordinances, do they consider the poor.

                The Church is the Kingdom of God on Earth, but it is unquestionable that a culture has developed around it that is separate and distinct from this role.  The Church is in the world, but as any institution with imperfect people constituting it would necessarily be it is also somewhat of the world.

                The takeaway from that is not to condemn nor disregard our leaders, nor is it to look for fault amongst those around us.  The key takeaway is that we must constantly be on guard in ourselves for the ways in which we may be judging others (or excusing ourselves), and to be charitable when mistakes are inevitably made.

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