Thursday, November 19, 2015

Alma 63

(November 4, 2015)
                We are so rarely offered rest from our labors.  Moroni fought in war after war, and he wasn’t too old when he was finally able to retire.  But he no more than retired that shortly thereafter he died.  For some reason that brings me some sadness, but at the same time (knowing what would happen in the future – including the wars that his son would engage in – it was probably for the best for him.

                We might think that something as final as death would be a net negative – why can’t Moroni get a few more years to enjoy his retirement before crossing the Veil – but, of course, dying isn’t really horrible and living through those difficult times might not have been the most enjoyable experience.

                I think that is true more often than we think.  Things happen that are painful to us, and it is difficult to see to trust the Lord (except by experience) and to know that everything will work out in the way that is best for us.  But if we can remember that truth, it will certainly help us.

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