Friday, November 20, 2015

Helaman 5

(November 8, 2015)
                Helaman’s counsel to his sons has some interesting thoughts included in it.  In verse 8, he teaches them not to be righteous to boast, but to be righteous to lay up treasures in Heaven.  But, as C. S. Lewis pointed out, being righteous for rewards in the afterlife is still only another form of self-interest.  So why was Helaman inspiring his sons to engage in such self-interested obedience?

                I think that, just as he aptly pointed out the problem, C. S. Lewis pointed out the solution.  Yes, when we act to lay up treasures for ourselves in Heaven we are self-interested.  But the treasures that we are laying up are treasures we will only enjoy if we yield our hearts to God.  It is only the righteous who would enjoy the Celestial Kingdom, only the pure in heart that would find peace in the presence of God, and only those who love to serve others who will find fulfillment in Exaltation.

                So while it may be self-interested to lay up treasures in Heaven, the only ones who can enjoy those treasures are those who are able to get beyond themselves and be focused on the Lord and our fellow men.

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