Friday, November 20, 2015

Helaman 6

(November 9, 2015)
                Can there be a more dangerous place to be in, as a member of the Lord’s Church, than to think that you are righteous?  Mormon, as a man of his time, must have struggled to write how the Nephites (those who he proudly claims to be of his lineage) had become wicked and the Lamanites (those he had spent the majority of his book describing in stark terms as unrighteous) had become righteous.

                Coming from someone so ill-disposed to say it makes it carry so much more weight.  The truth is, we cannot claim because of lineage or Church attendance or pioneer stock or anything similar a claim on the favor of God.  If we soften our hearts and turn to Him, He will accept us regardless of what situation we find ourselves in.  If we harden our hearts and remain self-willed, He will reject us regardless of what situation we are in.  We forget this so easily, and yet there are few things in the scriptures better attested to than this.

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