Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Alma 59-60

(November 2, 2015)
                Even in the darkest of times, the things that happen to us lead to inevitable blessings if we hold to the Savior.  Moroni was clearly upset about the loss of Nephihah, but had he not lost that city, what would the likely consequences have been?  He would not have recognized the cancer spreading through the heart of the civilian government, the problem would likely have grown much worse, Pahoran (who had indicated he was considering non-military solutions) might have reached an agreement that undercut the Nephites, and who knows what else.

                No, this great and destructive loss led to the ultimate resolution of the war.  I have seen that in my own life more than once.  Something happens – sometimes because of circumstances and sometimes because of the actions of others – and it is a painful and damaging event.  But, given the passage of time and distance, I begin to be aware of the many ways in which what happened blessed my life in incalculable ways. No matter what happens, if we stay close to the Lord things will work themselves out in our favor. 

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