Sunday, November 15, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 62-63

(October 24, 2015)
                Once again we see a reminder of the central fact that faith does not come from miracles.  Having gone through a crisis of faith myself, I can attest to that fact.  I have been blessed, in my life, to have seen (and participated) in things that can only be described as miraculous.  And, yet, when I found myself struggling with my faith (as a consequence of my own poor choices), these miracles were not sufficient to grant me faith.

                Even when, intellectually, I understood that the miracles that I had seen were not possibly consistent with a reductive materialistic view of the world, I managed to work myself into a point where I doubted everything.  It wasn’t the miracles that brought me out of this dark place (and it truly is dark – I pity everyone living life without a testimony of the Savior, having been in that place myself), but rather it was a choice.  When I chose to believe, then the things which even in my darkest times I understood intellectually grew and developed into something that amounted to genuine faith.

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