Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 74

(November 1, 2015)
                It is impossible to read this Section without focusing on one of the most profound pieces of doctrine (and something that distinguishes our faith from just about every other Church that I am aware of) – Paul was wrong.  We don’t say that Paul was wrong and thus we should discount the scriptures (or even the Epistles).  No, we believe that Paul was wrong, but still inspired and the scriptures (including those from his hands) have great value.

                This should color the way we respond to all scripture, to the words of the living Prophets, and to all else that comes from the Kingdom of God on Earth.  Just because it comes from the mouthpiece of the Lord doesn’t make it right by very definition.  And just because someone in a position of authority is wrong doesn’t mean that they are unworthy of the calling or deserve being ignored.

                The truth is in the middle.  Yes, occasionally the Lord’s mouthpieces will get things wrong.  But if we follow those the Lord has placed in positions of stewardship over us (and assuming He does not give us different counsel along the way), He will magnify our efforts and make up for our losses.  Even though Paul happened to be wrong, I feel confident that the Lord magnified the efforts of every individual who followed his counsel.  Though imperfect, we must honor and carefully consider everything that comes to us from those placed in these positions of authority.

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