Wednesday, July 29, 2015

1 Nephi 1

(July 4, 2015)
                I appreciate Lehi’s reaction to his initial understanding of the forthcoming destruction of Jerusalem.  The natural reaction, I would expect, would be to despair, but Lehi’s reaction was different.  He acknowledged the tragedy (“Wo, wo, unto Jerusalem”), but his focus was something different.

                His focus was on praising the Lord.  His focus was on the goodness and mercy of God.  Everything (other than his family) that he had known was set to be destroyed, and yet he had the wisdom to recognize that this destruction was a demonstration of the mercy of God.

                In each of our lives, we will face points where everything we love seems to be on the verge of being destroyed (or, which might actually be destroyed).  In those moments, in my experience, we get an insight into the strength of our testimony.  Do we turn with recriminations towards the Lord, or with gratitude to Him?

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