Friday, July 31, 2015

2 Nephi 7-8

(July 28, 2015)
                There are those who would, for lack of a better way of putting this, make the scriptures and the prophets offenders for a word.  For example, if there is a single mistake in the Prophet’s words they feel justified in discounting his stewardship.  Call it Simons Ryder disease.

                                This, of course, is utterly unreasonable.  We believe in fallible leaders and fallible scriptures and a perfect God.  So, for example, when the scriptures in this chapter speak of the fish dying of thirst, that isn’t an accurate description of how fish would actually die in the event that a river or lake disappeared.  And the fact that this piece of biology/ecology happens to be wrong has absolutely no impact on the truthfulness of the message or Isaiah’s status as a prophet of God.

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