Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Testimony of Joseph Smith; Brief Explanation of the Plates

(July 3, 2015)
                There are times when I become frustrated with myself because it seems I am going through the same learning processes over and over and over again.  The Lord, it seems, needs to keep teaching me the same lessons.  I think that I have learned it, and then I find myself right back where I started from needing to learn it all over again.

                But I take some comfort from the testimony of Joseph Smith.  He was visited by an angel, which I imagine made quite an impact on his mind.  But despite this, this angelic visitor returned a number of times and repeated the previous lessons (each time adding a bit more information).  There seems to be a Divine principle of teaching that is being applied here.

                And that only makes sense, because it matches the way that I teach my children as well.  I will reiterate something over and again to them until they have learned it.

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