Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Acts 25-26

(July 6, 2015)
                I was struck in this chapter by the inability of the church (not the Church at this point, but until recently it had been) to recognize a truth that the courts were easily able to see.  I have seen this same situation play out in my life as well, with the courts quickly able to get to the truth of a matter when the Church (the Church, in this circumstance) struggles to get to the same truth and sometimes misses it.

                As I thought about it, I think I see some potential reasons  why.  The Lord leads this Church, and so long as we are making decisions within our stewardships in accordance with His will, we will find ourselves safely enclosed in the truth.  But when we attempt to use our reason and logic (the arm of flesh) to come to the truth, not only are we attempting to resolve things in a organization less-trained in using those tools, but I think that using the arm of flesh in such a situation may actually result in the Lord’s withdrawal of the capacity to see the truth (regardless of the goodness of intentions).  But that, I must admit, is nothing more than speculation on my part.

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