Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Acts 21

(July 4, 2015)
                There is a certain majesty in the actions of people to avoid the results that they know are coming.  Mormon is a prime example – he knows the destruction of his people is imminent, but he continues striving anyhow – and Paul provides another example here.  Through prophecy, he knows what is coming and he makes every effort to avoid it rather than resign himself to it.  Yet, in the end, he doesn’t fear it because he knows it is the will of the Lord.

                That raises, of course, the question of why we are called to fight battles that we cannot and will not win.  As I consider the issue, two possible explanations come to mind.  The first is that Paul needed to make the effort in a losing cause in order to learn and progress in the manner he should.  The second is that if Paul did not strive to avoid his fate, he would be responsible for his fate.  By doing what he could to avoid it, it became the responsibility of those who inflicted it on him.

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