Friday, July 31, 2015

2 Nephi 3

(July 24, 2015)
                Here we have the language that Joseph was to perform no other work save what was commanded of him.  That led me to wonder whether that is true of us as well, or it had something to do with his role as a prophet.

                Of course we are to do all of the work that the Lord commands us to do, but I think that (in certain situations) we are given less in the way of commandments than we have time to serve).  This tends to leave us in a position to be actively engaged in a good cause, but a good cause as we see it and not dependent upon the Lord to command us what we are to be doing.

                I don’t know if I am right about that, honestly.  I can only really draw from my experience that the Lord tends to fill my days pretty quickly but not to completely fill them in a manner that I could say that I am to do no other work except what He commands me to do.

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