Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Moroni 9

(July 1, 2015)
                So at this particularly time, Mormon was facing a people who would commit unimaginable atrocities – and was trying to lead them against a people committing only slightly less-bad atrocities.  He was doing this even though he knew (he was familiar with the prophecies) that it was highly likely that the day of grace had passed his people and they would soon be destroyed.

                Hopeless?  More than hopeless.  They would be destroyed, their history and their progeny destroyed.  All of this, seemingly, would happen to them as an action from the Hand of the Lord.  Whatever effort they put forward would be obliterated in a matter of a couple of years at best.

                And yet, they understood the importance of laboring diligently even under these circumstances.  They understood that it was possible that perhaps they would bring one soul to repent before they died, and by so doing accomplish something far more lasting and important than the mere saving of a civilization.

                It shows their understanding of priorities.  It also shows that they understood that they were not responsible for the results, only the work they put in.  This is the Lord’s battle, and He has already won.  All we need to do is find ourselves fighting on the right side and we can let Him do the rest.

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